Broken Gear puts veterans to work.  Period.  It is how we do this that makes us different from everyone else.  Simply put: We sell products made by veterans and therefore your purchases go directly to the veteran that made the product.  Some products are craft-like, customized, or one-of-a-kind.  Other Veteran Partners are more entrepreneurial minded and have grown their small businesses substantially.

We proudly support our Veteran Partners in achieving whatever capacity they can manage given their personal circumstances and desires to grow their small businesses.  Whether it’s making each piece by hand and one at a time as a hobby or production at a commercial scale to meet the demand for their products.  We look to support them all.

In time Broken Gear seeks to be the premier e-commerce sales platform for products made by veterans and those still serving in the US Armed Forces.  As well as displaying at large venues, hosting veteran-centric events, or partnering with other veteran organizations.

As of 30 December 2022 Broken Gear has paid over $152,000 dollars directly to Veterans through products sold in partnership with Broken Gear.