M.G.B & BrokenGear working together to support veterans.

M.G.B came to us at a show and asked if we would be interested in bringing awareness to veterans looking to do their own work by crafting musical instruments. We jumped at the opportunity.

We told them not only will we support Veterans empowering themselves, but we can also help market and even sell the veteran crafted good if that's of interest to the Veterans themselves.

We will spread the word and encourage veterans interested to take the leap and know that if they do, they will have support. Come see the awesome instruments and kits at a BrokenGear show and MGB's website.

MGB website

A great group of guys making quality BBQ sauces.


BOBS BBQ  website

A great group of guys making quality hot sauces.

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13 stars website

Scotts Wedge

"Broken Gear afforded me the opportunity to take my hobby of building Rustic Wood Flags to the next level. Recently I was invited to show what I do to the public over a 4-day period at the Big E in West Springfield Ma. This was truly my very first public event, and the response was overwhelming. I cannot thank Ross, Russell, Keith, and Sean for welcoming my wife Tracy and I with open arms. We met 100's and 100's of true supporters of the military and were absolutely touched and blessed to hear and share stories, there are not enough words to describe our feelings about the encounters." 

Scott and Tracy
Rustic Wood Flags by Wedge

Rustic wood flags